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Update #140

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18th September 2020

Seasonal characters -


This is a VERY unique update and a definite RSPS first!
As this covers a huge new aspect of the game and will be continually changing, please see the guide here.

Fun PK box -


Ever sit at home area bored or just want something to do?
We now have a fun PK box located behind the prayer altars!
We also have signs at each entrance to see who defeated who!
This is completely safe and also a multi area, so have some fun and PK your friends!






Pet system and pet perk rework -


The entire interface has had a rework, and is now MUCCCHHH easier to use pet perks etc.
When you 'learn' a perk from your inventory, it will be added to this interface, which you can activate it onto your pet. You can still use the perk on the pet to activate it also.
If you choose to unlearn a perk, right click the perk and 'unlearn' it, the perk will be returned back to your inventory.
You can only use one of the same perk at a time, HOWEVER, you can store as many as you like, so its kind of like a perk bank to store all your perks.

As a normal player, you still have access to 3 pet perks, however VIP donors get 4 pet perk slots, and sponsor donators get 5 pet perk slots!


Image from Gyazo





Item repair revamp -


For a long time, I personally hated the way to fix broken items in-game, now it is MUCH easier!
All you have to do use is your degraded/broken item on the fix-it-fairy at home and she will fix it for you!
no more pesky dialogues.



Drop rate well -


If everyone works together and donates a total of 3k runecoins (may change amount) to the well at home, there will now be a 30 minute 5% drop rate buff!


Updated loot world messages -


Achievement messages will now include Kill count and NPC killed. 





Infernal Harpoon -


Infernal Harpoon added, this harpoon has a chance to incinerate a fish you catch and also give you cooking XP while doing so.

Can I get a hoooyaaa for the fishing pet btw?

Image from Gyazo




  • Improvements to donator page
  • Summer event changes
  • Vorkarth respawns inside the instance now
  • Hope devourer spawn time is now decreased
  • Hope devourer will not spawn lava pits as much
  • Ironmen items no longer delete in wildy
  • Amulet of Immense Power fixed
  • Final Boss title fixed
  • Zombie Outbreak is now multi area
  • Gold cannon can now hold upto 60 cannon balls
  • Royale cannon can now hold upto 140 cannon balls
  • Infernal Harpoon added
  • Fishing perk - second fish now goes to your bank
  • Quick Commands like ;;vork etc are back
  • You can now autocast ancients
  • Smithing XP now fixed
  • Better skilling pet drop system now added
  • Untradable gear when you die will go straight to your bank




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