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Sunfreet guide

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Sunfreet (HP 20k)



Sunfreet is a strong boss located in deep wilderness (level 55) you are required to have 95 slayer to teleport and fight it.




You will be using meele gear (the best you have) preferred weapons are: Zarosian god sword, Scythe of vitur and Viggoras chainmace.

For food and potions I use the same setup as I do anywhere Saradomin brews,prayer renewals and overkill potions even though stat boosts are reduced in the wilderness


1290763621_bandicam2020-07-3017-24-57-105.jpg.71ec8102f199d8781cbe43f87d2440ed.jpgThis is the gear I use (the best gear I have)


Fighting Sunfreet

Fighting sunfreet is fairly simple you will need to pray ss (soulsplit) and keep your HP high because it has a special move that can deal a lot of damage.



You only need to keep attacking as there is no way to dodge the special attack.



There is only one drop that is worth mentioning and that is the noxious bow.




After you're done killing the boss and are ready to escape with your goodies just run south and you will see a teleport obelisk.

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