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Anivia guide

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Hey guys you've been asking for guides on these bosses and i'm delivering




Anivia (HP 20k)

First of all anivia is one of the hardest bosses in the game and you need an Anivias vulnerability amulet and charges for it. Located at player wars store

Shop hub last page.





Always use meele for fighting anivia, don't forget to equip the anivia amulet because that makes it to so the boss cannot freeze you, a glacies dagger can be very handy because it can freeze the boss for a short amount of time. Weapon wise you can use your best meele weapon (a scythe works very well at anivia but is expensive and rare). Armour just use your best armour (armour with hp boost is recommended).


Glacies dagger effect



Fighting method

This boss has 3 special attacks: Flash freeze,Frost bite and Glacia storm

1.Flash freeze is a strong attack that will hit you for around 700hp, to not get damaged you should run a few tiles

2.Glacia sotrm is bassicly the same as Flash freeze only that it will hit you for around 800hp,to not get damaged you should run a few tiles

3.Frost Bite this will make the boss attack you very fast dealing tons of damage, be ready to heal quick.


 I must mention that when you use meele on anivia you will get reflection damage.




Frost bite





Glacia Storm (keep in mind that it's the same strategy for flash frost)





The drops you're looking for are the amulets that it drops, all used to make the Amulet of immense power (Bis amulet in game)



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