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Calamity minigame guide

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Hey,this is going to be a guide on the minigame calamity, ill explain how to atleast get to wave 58 mostly to get the master tier achievement "brain dead".

To get there go to teleports-minigames-the calamity, remove all your items,pick up your pet and enter the portal to start the game.

Now once the game starts zombies will start spawning, for each zombie killed you will get 20 points (40 if you bought or have a 2x point scroll),you can see how many points you have in the furthest side of your chatbox where the loot crate timer is located.




The Basics And Gear

You will start the game with 50points,but don't use them on anything yet firstly buy any type of meele weapon they cost 100points  (the npc will give you a random meele weapon going from a bronze scimitar to a drygore rapier),after you get your first weapon you should buy potions they cost 150points and give you 3prayer pots and 1 overload after you buy the pots buy food for 50points that will give you 5 rocktails after you get a weapon,pots and food start working on getting armour, switch between prayers by assessing what type of monters there are (mostly try to protect from magic) keeping in mind that meele is the best way to go for the whole game magic protect will be most important.



This is almost the best setup: Connors cap,Malevolent platebody and platelegs,Devourers cape,Amulet of fury,Divine spirit shield,Drygore longsword,Cullinomancers gloves (9) and Berserker ring. (to have 100% max gear in calamity switch out Drygore Long for Drygore/grazhi rapier and Cullinomancer gloves (9) for 10.

Waves And Tips

Always kill the monsters in this order to make it easy 1.Magic,2.Range,3.Meele

Wave 1-21 consists of only zombies, they will attack in different styles going from meele to range to magic, but keep in mind waves 1-5 are only meele zombies,on wave 16 you will start to see a sort of zombie boss "Armoured zombie" either pray magic protect or ss to fight it.

Wave 22 will have a single naughty santa, it isn't hard to kill it, you need to pray magic and press attack then your character should automaticly move away from snowmen which hit very high damage from around 300-500


How to fight naughty santa:



Wave 23-32 will consist of demons only now you can tell what attack style the demon is using


Junior Demon-Range

Deadly Demon-Magic

There will be a sort of a demon boss aswell which is quite easy to kill by just praying ss or meele protection.

During these waves you only need to look out for the different types of attacks to not die.




Wave 35-45


Ranging skeleton-Range

Skeleton mage-magic

pretty simple to know what skeleton uses what sort of attack style.

There will be a skeleton boss called "Skeletal horror" it attacks using meele but can hit quite hard, simply pray meele if there are no magic or range skeletons


It All Combines

From wave 46 you will start to see all types of monster (Zombies,Demons and Skeletons) it's most important to focus and watch so that you don't get overpowered by magic damage since you are focusing on meele gear only the entire game.

Wave 50 will consists of a zombie, demon and skeleton boss

Wave 51 will consist of only magic attack style monsters

Wave 52 will consist of only range attack style monsters

Wave 53 will consist of only meele attack style monsters

Wave 54 will have all styles of monsters, follow the rule of what order to kill them in previously mentioned.


Wave 55-57

Now this is where it starts to get difficult this wave has a Naughty santa, Avatar of creation, all previous bosses and some of the monsters.

The way to beat this wave isn't too difficult:

1.Turn off auto retaliate, turn on protect magic and attack naughty santa.

2.After you kill naughty santa follow the order of killing magic,range and meele

3.Start killing off the bosses

4.Lastly kill avatar of creation he's pretty easy to kill, just pray protect meele




This is how wave 55 looks


Wave 56 only has a nerfed blink which is very easy to kill you can pray protect magic or ss


Wave 57 has a single jad, since you're using meele against him hit him once and run away, don't forget to prayer switch while fighting him (you should know how jads attacks work)


Wave 58


Now this is a complete cluster of monsters and bosses, this wave is very difficult to beat, but keep in mind to get the achievement you don't actually have to finish wave 58.

All you need to do is the same strategy as in 55 only this time it's way more difficult keeping in mind that the avatars can hit for a lot of damage that means you should try to get the santas in a spot where the avatars can't reach you otherwise you could be one shot by multiple avatars, this same strategy will be used for further waves if you beat 58 and choose to go on.

This wave consists of 6 Naughty santas, 8 Avatars of creation and many monsters.




This is a showcase of what wave 58 has to offer(keep in mind you can even see everything due to there being so many monsters).


So good luck with calamity, I hope this helps at least a bit and if you think I missed something or see what I can add please tell me and I will do it.

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