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Update #139

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27th July 2020

New examine interface -
Been wondering about someones stats, info or what their wearing? You can now examine players ingame! Simply right click them and click examine.




New daily rewards system -
New daily login rewards, the rewards reset every 7 days to a better reward each time! If you miss a day, they reset completely.




New/veteran account offers -
We now have new account and veteran account offers, these will pop up from time to time offering limited deals! Sometimes multiple deals will be going, so there are multiple pages.





New teleport system -
For a long time the teleport system has been absolutely terrible and you had to pretty much guess where any teleports were. We have made it much easier and have all teleports in one! 
You can view the info of the area, see monsters HP and difficulty and even start instances!





New timers system -
The timers system has been quite buggy as you'd all know.
We have now revamped the entire system and added more!
Freeze time, tele block time, auras, familiars, special attack etc all now show up!
This interface is draggable so you can move it to wherever you like on your scree.
It is also minamizeable if you do not wish to see the timers.






  • Bank preset bug fixed
  • Boss spotlight no longer rolls twice
  • Equipment stats interface fixed (you can now unequip items)
  • Added Prestige boss teleport NPC to prestige zone
  • Added ;;h command to teleport home
  • Buffed Staff of Sliske
  • Buffed Amulet of Immense Power

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