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Update #137

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25th May 2020


Firstly I'd like to give a shoutout to our Donator of the month - Turner!

I apolgise for the lack of updates, this update isn't much however I hope it fixes a few in-game things for you.
I want to thank you all for being patient and hope to have updates coming waaaay more regularly!

PLEASE NOTE: this list is only small, I am working on many things.


  • Fixed examine bug (new inter coming soon)
  • Pet pickup notifaction re-added
  • All pets can now have perks
  • Fixed pets interface
  • Fixed voting
  • Fixed donating
  • Livid Clanzone now complete
  • Coal storage added to DZ3
  • Ultimate Ironman can no longer bank items using looting bag
  • Updated ;;benefits link
  • Updated ;;rules link
  • Pet noter perk no longer works on every NPC
  • You can now use pet noter after 5 seconds of combat instead of 10
  • Pets are no longer tradable
  • New skilling pets easier to obtain
  • Custom purchased pets completed
  • Custom purchased titles completed
  • 'add-logs' option on fires now works

    I realise there has been a lot of suggestions and bug fixes, which I definately will be getting to.
    There is a lot more I am working on so if you do not see your suggestion/bug fix in this list, please know that I am on it and it should be in the next update.
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