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 "Examine" option for players, that displays information about the player. Most will assume i'm referring to the players skill stats, and I am. But here are some other unique things I think would be cool to see in that interface.


  • XP Mode (Easy / Average ... etc)
  • Game Mode (Normal / Hcim ... etc)
  • Achievement Diaries Progress ("Bank Rsps" has completed (X) out of (Y) Easy achievements)
  • Boss Kill Count (Would be a sick flex for the hardcore pvmers) -------> Side note : I Know there used to be a billboard to see this, but would look nice in here.
  • Total Amount Of XP Gained (From account creation to present day)
  • Time Played
  • Number Of Times A Mini game Has Been Completed
  • Amount Of $ Donated (Yes I know you can display this using the command, however it would still be nice to see it in this interface)
  • Collection Log
  • Bank Value (with option to toggle off and hide since some people WILL want that to be private)


Thank you for reading, reply with your thoughts please 🙂

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