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Update #135

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12th March 2020



This is for the donators -


Donator of the month!

Thats right! We are going to have a donator of the month. Starting this month!
This title goes to whoever donates the most within the month.  You get a discord title, forums title and a 25% damage boost in-game for an entire month!


2k rank!
The 2k rank has now been added:
Current perks are -

2x Deathtouched darts per day

Double EXP in the Sponsor zone

Double Damage aura for 30minues a day.

Free slayer tasks

(more to come)

Double Damage for 30 minutes when $150 is donated.

For a while, its been 10% drop rate bonus when you donate $25, now the server will enjoy 30 minutes of Double Damage when the donation total reaches a collaboration of $150!



Royal lance & rapier!
Every time you donate, you have a 1/100 chance of receiving a Royal lance or rapier. These have absolutely no stats, just cosmetic.
Being 1/100 chance it makes the items very rare and somewhat worth something in-game.





New Titles interface -
The old interface was quite hard to navigate and quite confusion, so I have added a new revamped one, hope you like it!






  • Vote boss now has a pet
  • GWD upgrade kit added back to store
  • Vote boss no longer agro
  • Vote boss no longer hits through prayer







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2 minutes ago, Breh said:

Buying all $1 donations 😉 

rofl, how'd I know you'd be the one to say this xD

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