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Donator Benefits

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$10 Donation (Donator)

  • Donator Title
  • Ability to use ::yell
  • Access to the Donator Zone- ::dz
    • Donator Zone consists of a few stores, a new boss, skilling resources & a bank for quick access.
  • Access to buying Click banks
  • Extra spins for logging in and playing
  • 2 Wilderness task re-rolls (daily)



$25 Donation (Super)

  • Super Title
  • All Regular Donator benefits
  • Ability to use ::bank
  • Ability to use ::switchspells 
  • 3 wilderness task re-rolls (daily)

$50 Donation (Extreme)

  • Extreme Title
  • Every Donator and Super benefit
  • Ability to use ::b (to bank)
  • Ability to set a yell colour & shadow
  • Ornate pool gives Overkill effect
  • New Donator Zone- ;;Dz2
  • Access to the Black Market store
  • 4 wilderness task re-rolls (daily)



$100 Donation (Ultimate)

  • Ultimate Title
  • All Extreme, Super, & Donator benefits
  • 1 free clue scroll each day
  • 5% drop rate bonus
  • Ultimate Donator override outfit
  • 5 wilderness task re-rolls (daily)

$250 Donation (Legendary)

  • Legendary Title
  • All Ultimate, Extreme, Super, & Donator benefits
  • New Donator zone that has dream trees- ;;dz3
    • Donator Zone provides a 10% xp buff
    • Ability to cut dream trees which can be used to make the Overkill potion
  • Access to a new slayer master that grants 50% xp boost
  • 6 wilderness task re-rolls (daily)



$500 Donation (V.I.P)

  • V.I.P Title
  • All Legendary, Ultimate, Extreme, Super, & Donator benefits
  • Access to an improved Donator Zone- ;;dz4 
    • Includes several skilling objects 
    • Killable npc's that drop keys to fight a boss that drops 3 VIP exclusive items)
    • Donator Zone Provides a 20% xp buff
  • VIP exclusive boss
  • 7 wilderness task re-rolls (daily)



$1000 Donation (Sponsor)

  • Sponsor Title
  • All V.I.P, Legendary, Ultimate, Extreme, Super, & Donator benefits
  • Access to a new Donator zone- ;;dz5
    • Includes several skilling objects, a custom map & a few banks for quick access
    • Provides a 40% xp buff
  • 1x Daily Deathtouched dart
  • 2x Daily Temple of Light scrolls
  • Additional 7% drop rate bonus
  • Additional 5 slayer points per task
  • 10% chance the food you eat will not be consumed
  • Free Teleport to slayer task
  • 8 wilderness task re-rolls (daily)








Photo credits to @Breh

Thanks to @Valentine for the previous benefits thread where the above information originated from.

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