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Update #134

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2nd March 2020


Firtstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of updates, this will change and we are also looking into getting a full time developer so you guys do not need to suffer.



Home teleport change -
It has been requested quite a lot, so now when you click the home teleport button, you can choose to teleport home or load the lodestone network.




Added a new pet to home -
As you know, unfortunately Raphael had scammed us, however I am pleased to announce we have a new pet at home! Raphael the dog. Feel free to spit on him 🙂 share the love!






Dungeoneering store -

The Dungeoneering store has had a few changes, we have added Large XP lamps which can be purchased for 200k tokens and also Gorgonite armour which is 2.5 million tokens per piece, also if you have a full set of Goronite, you hit 25% more on the Dungeoneering bosses!

Here are the Gorgonite stats - 





Vote boss -

The vote boss is finally here!
It's a nice and easy boss for all players, however he does have quite a hit on him!
Pray the correct prayers and you're safe, otherwise you will feel he's wrath!
He hits with mage, melee and range.
The vote boss drops much needed supplies for skilling, more tokens to kill him, Deathedtouched darts and even 10% Drop rate tokens.

Please note, to be able to kill the vote boss, you need to vote. You will get a Vote Boss teleport, which will dissapear once you kill him.
(you can kill the vote boss twice per day if you vote twice per day).




Website revamp -


If you haven't noticed already, the website has had a revamp! The store, highscores and vote page now match our normal theme and a new logo is on its way!




  • Removed all raphs quick boss commands
  • You cannot open pets interface anywhere anymore
  • Fixed instancing problems
  • Removed login update interface
  • Removed 'box in' interface
  • Removed Raphs name everywhere ingame
  • Xeric caskets no longer tradable
  • ToB caskets no longer tradable
  • Loot boxes no longer tradable







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Currently at work, but nice addition! Can't wait to show the dog at home what for. 😉

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Awesome update! Keep up the good work mate, looking forward to future updates. 😀

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