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Update #133 - Shooting Stars, Pet & Npc Interfaces, and more

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15th January 2020

The old is the new new -
You guys have asked and we have listened, the old home is back! 
You can still visit old home by using the command ;;oldhome for all those good ol' memories.



shooting stars -
Shooting stars are now crashing in Hydrix!
Along all the main city mining spots to be precise.

Be the first to find a shooting star to receive some extra XP.
Shooting stars offer 20 skilling points and a bunch of skilling items, the more stardust you collect, the better the reward!





Donation changes -

We have changed the way donations work.
So the new system is automatic, if you donate, your rank will automatically apply if you reach the threshold, for example, if you donate $500 you will automatically become a VIP instead of having to go to the status upgrade (we also have added a message saying how much till your next rank).

We have also made it so now when you donate a total of $20, you automatically get the donator rank.
The rank is still available to buy for $10 for anyone wanting to get just the rank itself.

We have also added half time aura cool downs on the supercharged perk so the price has changed from $8 to $10.


Pet system -


There has been a pet overhaul, with a nice new interface, which you even get to view your little buddy 🙂
When picking up pets, it no longer goes to your inventory, it stores into the interface, same with spawning your pet, all done from the new interface.




NPC drop viewer -

We have a new interface for when you examine NPCs which is a lot cleaner.
Currently still working on the search NPC buttons so you can search any boss/monster you want to see their drops.






  • Inferno adze now burns logs
  • You can now decant flasks
  • Zooming now works on fixed mode (shift + scroll)
  • Added shift + pg up/down zooming
  • Ultimate ironmans can now note things on bank chests, counters and deposit boxes
  • Connors cap achievement changed to donate 1B coins to well of fortune
  • Bunch of new trivia questions (trivia store revamp soon)
  • Fixed being able to claim titles twice
  • Winter event items updated







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