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Update #131 - Ultimate Ironman Mode and New Custom Rares

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17th December 2019


Ultimate Ironman mode:

We have added two new gamemodes -
Ultimate Ironman and Hardcore Ultimate Ironman.
The only difference is if you die, you become a normal Ironman.

As an Ultimate Ironman you can use items onto a bank to note your items, and vise vera, use your noted items on a bank to unnote them.

There are a few rewards ingame that automatically go to your bank, so we have made it so Ultimate Ironmans can only withdraw from a bank, not deposit.

Talk to the Ultimate Ironman located at home to start your new adventure!




Exchange table:

We have now added the exchange table which can be found at the recycle center.
At the moment it's look quite bare however we will be adding a lot more with player suggestions.
The exchange table can be found at the Recycle Center.




New partyhats, santahats & sale:


We have added new limited edition partyhats and santa hats ingame !

there are 4 of each available, which can be won at a random chance in a partyhat/santa hat box.

These boxes will be available in the store for $50 per box. ONLY 20  BOXES WILL BE SOLD then they will be gone forever.


There's also a galaxia partyhat and santa hat that will be available on the store for $250. (not in the boxes)

Only a few of them will ever be sold, be quick!






  • Fixed votes achievements
  • Highscores fixed
  • Change vorago hitcaps to 1500
  • Changed hope devourer hitcaps to 1200
  • Removed pet restrictions to the following bosses; Corporeal beast, Kalphite king, Alchemical Hydra, Rise of the six and Night-gazer
  • Added probationary ranks
  • Increase the sheaf shark daily useage from 10 to 100
  • Fixed rewards chest at home
  • Added and a teleport command for each boss and raids
  • Commands list updated
  • You only loose one daily perk if you do not login within 24 hours


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