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Update #130 - Party Room and More Neat Things

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10th December 2019

We know this isn't a big update, we've just been focused on the whole transfer of ownership stuff.

We also had to change/fix things to our liking, we had to do a couple of hotfixes and server resets.

 But next update there will be some content coming out 🙂 !


Minor stuff:

  • Added party room
  • Added scam free automatic gambling (not activated, awaiting approval from community)
  • Made it so when you pickup pet, SOF shows again
  • Changed master achievement "use troll potion on hydrix" to raph and cheese
  • Removed 100kc requirements to do raids
  • Increased the amount of pure essences in ironman shop to 1000
  • Fixed ;;bank ;;bank2 ;;b ;;b2 commands
  • Added new gamble zone
  • Added objects to gamble zone
  • Reactions are now fixed and working on forums
  • Cache has been updated

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