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Update 128.5 - Hotfixes and Changes

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6th November 2019

Hotfixes & Changes:

  • The Achievement diary will now show colours green if the achievement has been claimed or red if not.
  • The Elite achievement of prestige once has been changed to Achieve 2,000 total level.
  • The vote point achievement will now count in your current votes.
  • Completionist cape requirement is now easy-elite achievements completed.
  • Trimmed Completionist cape is now easy-master achievements completed.
  • Corrected Mysterious cape interface.
  • Master achievement loot 25 treasure chests has been reduced to 15.
  • Raptor seals achievement will now count any seals you have in your drop log.
  • Alch Dragon defender achievement has been fixed.
  • Rune Defender (t) is now recognised in the Warriors guild.

If you have completed any of the following achievements prior to the diary release, simply open the achievement diary with the item in your inventory for it to complete.

  • Upgrade a chaotic to (i),
  • Research elite void,
  • Research the drop boost emblem (i).

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