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Update #128

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5th November 2019

Achievement Diary Expansion:

This update is just massive. I've spent countless hours, on 1000s of lines of code.

Each individual achievement now has it's own reward along with a new point system called diary points which can be spent in the achievement diary store, you also get hydrix points for completing an achievement which scale based on your xp mode.

On top of the Easy, Medium, Hard & Elite diarys being completely reworked & expanded, we now have Master achievements!

Master achievements have much better rewards, but also require more effort.

I really hope you all enjoy this content & hopefully it keeps you busy for some period of time.





Achievement Diary Store:



  • Fixed a bug causing Grand Exchange to delete peoples coins.
  • Completed mini-me's.
  • H'ween event has ended.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing players to lose pet perks.
  • Updated Completionist cape requirements to involve new diary.
  • Fixed some issues causing few individuals to crash when teleporting.

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