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Hard clue scrolls

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To be honest, I think it would be a cool idea to add hard clue scrolls, these could be a rare drop (rarer then easy) from all bosses, could make them boss drops only.


These hard clues could provide increased loot chance of 3a, dyes, etc.


Could even add a rare chance of obtaining a keepsake key from the clues, so you can keepsake 3a or other cosmetics obtained from clues.


these are just rough suggestions, however does anyone think this would be a good idea, and if you have anything else you'd like to see added to them, just post!

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pet perks? 🤔 as a rare chance, and the better ones, like the 4% droprate perk being very rare to get.

would give a chance to those who dont have shit ton of $$$ to get em.

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