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Update #127

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19th October 2019


The world has been slightly decorated with some pumpkins.

You can now gather Fear dust from combat & Woodcutting, Fishing & Mining. This dust can be used to access a store with various h'ween goodies!

Every kill has a 1 in 5 chance to generate fear dust, but how many depends on your target.

Skilling will reward you with dust based on the amount of base experience a resource has.

You can now also purchase Scary Boxes from the donator store for 2,000 tokens each. These contain various custom h'ween goodies.



  • Superior Apex has been graphically updated. Credits to @Raphael
  • The raptor will no longer teleport you to the middle of the room, but instead to his location.
  • Amulet of Immense power attack bonuses have been increased by +5.
  • Anivia kill count will now add towards your total boss kills.
  • Zaros godsword attack styles have been corrected.
  • Ironman accounts can now access the Trivia store.
  • Duo ironman "request partner" option will now appear straight away, no need to relog.
  • New players will now have a 24 hour grace period on Grave fees. This means they won't pay any death fees for 24 hours.

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