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Collection log QOL suggestion

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1. I find the collection log we got in game not really handy and a bit annoying, because you can't see what all the drops are from different bosses.

Maybe instead of this one, we could have the one that is in OSRS. I have seen quite a few other servers with this log, so it is possible to add:


And even having logs for things such as the runecoins shop, vote shop, crafting table, trivia shop and minigames. This would make the possibility to hunt for a full log even bigger, giving the playes many more hours to fill in.


- It would maybe even be nice to have rewards for each collection log you fill in completely, such as mystery boxes, runecoins, dtd's, xp lamps, etc. etc.

If you got any feedback or ideas, please post down below and thanks for reading!!

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It's a nice look so I'm down for it.

Only if the current collection log could actually be carried over though.

As for the other logs, not sure if I'm 100% behind it but why not, gives me more goals. Throw in a title too for completing a certain amount.

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