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i'm baaaack

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hello everyone,

i'm back after a long break. after my battle with depression multiple losses in my personal life and the struggle of losing my job causing me to be absent for a good amount of time. now i am happy to announce that i am back and playing again.

for those oldfags under us. hi, hope you missed me.
and to the new players let me introduce myself

my name is muffins, i like muffins i've been playing hydrix pretty much since release. acted as a member of support and generally help people out with questions or items if and when i can. altough being released from my support duties i want to invite you all to send me a message ingame with any questions you might have! i'll do my best to answer them and assist you in creating the best experience on hydrix.


as for connor, yes i know you'll read this. brace yourself the muffin woman is back in town and i'm coming to give you all the bug reports to keep you busy!


guess thats all, looking forward to seeing you all ingame!

much love

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