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Update #125

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27th September 2019

Apex Armours:

So following recent discussions regarding the state of Apex and how it impacts the economy,
we have made some changes to balance the end game armours.

Apex has been nerfed slightly, it is still the strongest hybrid set ingame, but
not as strong as the t90 power sets.

Superior Apex can now be created at the research table which is now the best in slot
armour ingame. It has slightly better stats than the Apex prior to nerf.

Disclaimer: Currently superior apex model will look the same as regular, but this 
will be updated soon.


Sirenic the Spider:

It's been clear that sirenic is by far the rarest armour ingame.  This has been an issue for a long time and after some testing you'd average 1 scale every 16.5 kills. This means it would take over 1000 kills to obtain 1 set, which is obviously an issue.

The following changes have been made:

  • Summoning charms have been removed. You will still get the generic table charms though.
  • The 2-3 scales have been changed to 3-5.
  • The 3-5 scale chance has been increased from rare, to uncommon.
  • All of this has reduced the scale rate from 1/16.5 to 1/3.



  • Autumn token rewards have been expanded & improved.
  • Added desert phoenix outside dominion tower.
  • Removed free daily challenge code (Has no effect on you now, don't worry).
  • Tekton is now immune to stuns.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to make more bolts when their resources have ran out.
  • Fixed some backend errors.
  • Removed a useless message during the starter guide.
  • Starter pack coins will now be placed in the inventory rather than pouch.


Be sure to take advantage of the donation sale this weekend!

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Great update. Glad to see the T90 sets have even more use to them.

Good change to Sirenic since sets should be a lot easier to farm now.

Also can't wait to see what the superior apex model will look like.

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Amazing update 🙂 !

Sirenic the spider will be a popular spot in the next couple days, prepare to pk poeple 👀


ps: Working with connor on the superior apex models btw, I'll try to finish it as soon as i can, but keep in mind it's a lot of work making an armor set, not sure when it will be done.

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this update is great. apex was way to op and easy to grab. sirenic desperately needed this update! over all, much needed update! 

thanks m8

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