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Hazelmere's Signet Ring

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I know it's been quite recent, since the update to Hazelmere's signet ring. 

But after testing HSR for a while, even after the update, I feel like HSR is not worth using whatsoever. when you have a ring of immense power. And this is without the taking in the stats and the RoD effect from ROIP.

Especially now since your drop rate cap increases with every prestige, it's even harder for people to hit the cap, to make the ring actually worth a while using/switching to, 

So what I would like to propose is 8% drop rate to the Hazelmere's signet ring opposed to the 5% that it gives right now. In my opinion, this would be fair considering the rarity(only 2 ingame as of today, 7th of september 2019) and it not giving stats whatsoever. 

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