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Actout's Store (Donations, Gear, Pet Perks etc)

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Welcome to my store!

All prices as per ::prices unless otherwise stated

Please contact me on DISCORD for sales: Actout#7069

Updated: 09 Sept 19


DONATIONS - Rates subject to change, always check for updated rate (higher or lower)

Cash price: 50M/$
Item Price 60M/$
Minimum transaction: $1
Maximum transaction: $200

Note: Buyer pays first and all transactions are recorded. Happy to use a middleman such as Happy Slaps should you be uncomfortable.
Note: Torva may not be accepted due to having enough sets to arm a small militia, please contact me to confirm status

Donations sold so far: $586

GEAR & ITEMS - Amounts not disclosed due to stock change often


Amulet of fury
Blue Partyhat
Cannon Barrels
Cannon Base
Community Key
Dragon Pickaxe
Hydrix Bolts
Orange Santahat
PvM Key [level 1]
Royale Cannon Barrels
Royale Cannon Base
Royale Cannon Furnace
Royale Cannon Stand
Scroll of Enhancement
Yellow Partyhat
Primordial Boots
Eternal Boots
Pegasian Boots



Abyssal whip
Armadyl Godsword
Bandos Godsword
Brutal Whip [Price TBC]
Dragon Claws
Drygore Rapier
Polypore Staff
Saradomin Godsword
Twisted Bow
Zamorak Godsword
Zaros Godsword



Ancestral Robe Top
Armadyl Chainskirt
Armadyl Chestplate
Bandos Tasset
Ganodermic Leggings
Ganodermic Poncho
Ganodermic Visor
Glaiven Boots
Justiciar Faceguard
Justiciar Chestguard
Justiciar Legguards
Pernix Boots
Pernix Chaps
Pernix Cowl
Pernix Gloves
Ragefire Boots
Steadfast Boots
Third-age Full Helmet
Third-age Mage Hat
Third-age Range Top
Third-age Robe Bottom
Torva Boots
Torva Gloves
Torva Platebody
Virtus Boots
Virtus Mask
Virtus Robe Top




Extra Skill Xp
Prayer Restore
5% hit combo
10% drop rate
2% drop rate
1% drop rate
+10% PvM hydrix points
+7% PvM hydrix points
+5% PvM hydrix points
3% max hit boost
2% max hit boost
1% max hit boost
4% xp boost
2% xp boost
1% xp boost
+7 Slayer points
+5 Slayer points
Increased elite crystal keys

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Price update
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Big vouch for the man, bought nearly 200$ and it was done within 5 minutes.

Smooth and quick as butter on toast

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