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Update #122

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3rd September 2019

Mage & Ranged turmoil:


This has been a request for a very long time and the only reason it hasn't been added was because i couldn't figure a way to get it on the prayer interface, i still haven't figured this out,
but i have added the prayers. You can now redirect your turmoil style by right clicking the prayer altar and choosing a style.

The magic & range turmoil will added +15% damage/accuracy to it's respective style. It will say a little message when activating turmoil so that you will always
be aware of what style you're using.

How to unlock range/magic turmoil:

You can unlock the prayers by purchasing a Range/Mage turmoil book from the dungeoneering store for 2,000,000 tokens. 
These books are also tradeable.

Disclaimer: I do intend to move the prayer to the interface once i figure it out, but i didn't want to keep delaying the content.




  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to escape calamity on extremely rare circumstances. 
  • Slayer Survival on the minigames teleport will now move you to an npc first, rather than instantly starting the minigame.
  • Trial of the Gods minigame will now teleport you to an entrance portal, rather than instantly starting the minigame.
  • Temple of Light minigame will now teleport you to a cave entrance, rather than instantly starting the minigame.
  • Completed custom title for Iron steak.
  • Grand Exchange discord notifications now has it's own channel.
  • Made some slight changes to the way daily perks are calculated to prevent players losing them when they play.
  • Trial of the Gods npc's will no longer drop loot inside the minigame.
  • Trial of the Gods glacor wave has been reduced to 1 glacor npc.
  • Fixed an error with TOG & Mystery boxes causes you to obtain no loot.
  • Tormented demons will now count correctly towards killcount.
  • ::bank2 now has the correct delay.
  • Dragonbone armour will now drop considerably more often.
  • Sirenic scale drops have been moved from very rare to rare drop rate.
  • Dominion staff now has unlimited elemental runes.
  • Holy pet perk will now allow you reach a maximum prayer point of 1190.
  • Moved 2 fishing spots on skiller island.
  • Event spotlight will now change every 4 hours.

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Awesome Update! Getting a nice addition like Range and Mage Turmoil is always nice 😄 and look at that Others List! Keep it up! 😄 ❤️

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