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Update #119 - Kalphite King Rework and Herb Sack!

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9th August 2019

Kalphite King Rework:

  • Kalphite king no longer has a "prevent" option.
  • Kalphite king special attack can now be reduced by using a Succubus spirit shield, else you will be insta killed.
  • Combat code has been updated (aka no more spaghetti).
  • Kalphite King no longer has a really long random hit delay.
  • Kalphite King default hit delay is now 3 seconds.
  • Kalphite King can now poison it's target.
  • Kalphite King colour has changed to reflect the RS3 version.


Herb sack:

You can now purchase a herb sack from the Runecoin store for 3,500 tokens.

The Herb sack can store up to 15 different types of "grimy herbs", it cannot store clean herbs. It has no amount cap so this is effectively an additional 
storage container within your bank.

You cannot withdraw individual herbs, only store all of them in your bank like the looting bag.



  • Slayer masters will now take payments for changing task from your pouch.
  • Corrected a typo in Kuradals dialogue.
  • Werewolves stuck on the ice in the godwars killcount room have been relocated.
  • You can now fletch logs with the left click craft option.
  • Hunter level up icon has been fixed.
  • The way xp boosts are calculated have been slightly tweaked to fix some incorrect calculations.
  • Commanditos clan zone has been completed.

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