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Update #118

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5th August 2019



  • Updated server to support latest OSRS data.
  • Corrected a typo on the starter interface.
  • The teleportation guide will no longer occur twice during the introduction phase.
  • Pet interface now gives the correct raptor pet. 
  • The message "please make some room in your inventory" will no longer occur whilst drinking flasks.
  • Finished a custom pet.
  • King Black Dragon spawn time is now 20 seconds.
  • Using the barrows tab whilst at the barrows chest will now stop the camera shaking.
  • Added the command "snowmanrest" to toggle the snowman resting emote.
  • Cleaned up some money pouch code & fixed some visual bugs.
  • Fixed Venenatis pet not working with pet perks.
  • Fixed "Drake" slayer teleport location.
  • Clue scrolls will now display the correct amount of Summer tokens given.
  • Removed summer mystery boxes from donator store.
  • Added a text when collecting coins from the grand exchange.
  • The Grand Exchange will now make you collect your item before your coins.

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