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Update #117

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24th July 2019

Summer mystery box (limited time):

The summer mystery box is on the donator store for limited time only at 10,000 tokens. It has the best chance at ultra rares than any other box, it is also cheaper than most, but it's only here for a short period of time, goodluck!


Tutorial Rework:

For some time now the tutorial has been boring, useless and 90% of the time it's skipped and then you find players asking how they get started which isn't great so the follow changes have been made:

Upon login a player will now be shown an interface that contains the selection process of xp/game mode, whilst also giving information on these & showing the starter pack for each game mode.



  • Starter guide will now be opened by default after tutorial.
  • Updated forums starter guide.


  • Removed some items from the starter pack that are not required.
  • All summer events now display the correct amount of tokens.
  • Changed the quest text about Quests & Minigames teleport.
  • Lost city quest now gives the correct start location.
  • Loot box interface will no longer show whilst potion timers are active.
  • Loot box timer now also appears in the bottom interface bar.
  • Anivia's vulnerability will no longer go into negative charges.

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