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Update #116

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18th July 2019


As i've been working on a fairly intense project behind the scenes, i haven't managed to put any content in this update, but i've released some much needed fixes for now.


  • You can now purchase a Barrows teleport from the general store to instantly start the minigame.
  • You can no longer freeze Celestia.
  • Moved Celestia teleport to prevent safespots.
  • Fixed ::guides command
  • Slayer portal teleport has been updated to support a lot more slayer monsters.
  • Added unnoted vials of water to the herblore store.
  • Grave npc has been updated to be more visable.
  • The Hazlemere signet ring's 5% drop rate boost will now add on top of your drop rate cap. So if your max is 50%, with the ring you can achieve 55%.
  • Hp tracker interface has been relocated & updated.
  • Grand Exchange is now open again.
  • Added a ladder to the prestige dungeon.
  • Added the commands ::dung & ::dungeoneering for quick teleports back to your dungeoneering floor.
  • Moved some dragons in catacombs to stop them getting stuck in the wall & entering multi zones.
  • Dragonfire protection should now be more effective at KBD.
  • Corrected Dragon kiteshield stats.
  • Well of Fortune activation target is now 120M coins.
  • Added Monkfish spawn to fishing zone.


Don't forget to jump online Sunday the 21st of July as Double Drops will be active ALL DAY to celebrate my birthday 🙂

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12 hours ago, de1337ath said:

Can someone check this guys fingers for callouses?  Great update fast boi 

This made me lol xD

OT: great job m8, spewin about the extra 20m in the well but such is life :D

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QOL is my favorite type of update, huge ups on the slayer portal update

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