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Update #115

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11th July 2019

Donator Box Rework:

After the poll got 100% feedback on a rework, i put the concept to work and here is what has changed:

Although the donator boxes will remain the same item, once you open them, you won't simply get an item in your inventory anymore, instead an interface will open up and 3 items will be shown, you will have the option to claim one of them for donator tokens that value 50% of the boxes value or you can choose random pick, which will then randomly choose 1 of the 3 items for you.

The rates & loot table will remain exactly the same for all boxes except Uber.

Uber donator box has been renamed to Legendary donator box and the price has been reduced from 42,000 to 15,000. The box will work on the Extreme donator box drop table with enhanced rates and you can claim your item for free or if you feel like a rebel, you can still choose to random pick.

A new Extreme donator box is now in store for 10,000 tokens. The box has the same table as Super donator & Legendary donator, but offers enhanced rates (not as good as legendary) & claim option is only 40% of the box value.



The following items have now been added to all donator boxes;

  • White partyhat,
  • Red partyhat,
  • Green partyhat,
  • Blue partyhat,
  • Purple partyhat,
  • Yellow partyhat,
  • Black partyhat,
  • Santa hat,
  • Donator Tokens (2000-30000),
  • Dragon Warhammer,

To celebrate the rework, all donator tokens are up to 25% off for the next 48 hours!



  • Donator boxes will no longer announce loot to keep a level of privacy.
  • Fixed screen will now show the activity loot box timer.
  • The hitpoints tracker interface has been updated.
  • Trial of the Gods now rewards double when the minigame event is active.
  • AFK timer is now set to 5 minutes.
  • You can now simply click the crystal key chest to unlock it.
  • 500x Dragon dart box colour has changed.
  • Random Santa Hat box colour has changed.
  • Edited some item examines.
  • The command ::removeironman will now work on Duo accounts.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to break instances.
  • Grand Exchange has been disabled until next update.

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This will put an interesting spin on donor boxes and also give newer players a better chance on something they want.

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