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Donator box rework

Donator Boxes  

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So for a while now, in fact for years, RSPS has simply used donator boxes as a main means of donations, which is perfectly fine, but it's boring. I have a new idea that i hope you guys will like...


Donator Gamble Ticket (Name is not set in stone😞


So all the donator boxes would be removed and replaced with tickets, these tickets wold be used as follows;


You click the ticket and the ticket would be consumed and you're not promt with a screen which contains 3 items, you can either claim one for extra donator tokens or you can click random which would then pick 1 of the 3 for you to win.


This creates a certain level of excitement that is very much needed. You have a Twisted bow in front of you or some godswords, of course you want that Twisted bow, so do you spend extra to claim it or do you risk it for a cheap win?


The prices of the tickets would not change, the only change would be that the Uber donator box would change to an Uber tickets that doesn't reward 5x items anymore, but it would allow you to choose your reward from the 3 shown without any charge and of course would be reduced in value because it's currently value would be too high.

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