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Update #114

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6th July 2019

Summer Event:

As we move into the time of year we all look forward to, but complain about once it's here, Spring leaves us & Summer begins.

The following events will provide summer tokens when active:

  • Crystal keys,
  • Clue Scrolls,
  • Recycle Centre,
  • Boss Spotlight,
  • Corrupted Brothers,
  • Trivia,
  • Ingenuity,
  • Trial of the Gods,
  • Heist,
  • Donating & Voting,
  • Slayer.

Further information about the event can be found by talking to the Summer Event person at the home area.

Lot's of new & existing rewards can be found by opening the tokens, 300 tokens will grant 1 reward.


Loot box timer:

When you login you may notice a new icon on the left side of your screen counting down from 120, once this hits 0 you will be rewarded with a loot crate which has an extremely large pool of rewards ranging from junk to ultra rare.

Existing players timers will be 0 upon login, this is to allow you to obtain a box right off the bat since you've obviously been playing for some time now 🙂

The only exception to this is that the timer will only count down when you're not afk. 

You can view the drop table here:




  • Runecoiner, Bonecrusher upgrade, Slaughter scroll & Noting scroll can now be purchased from the Runecoin store.
  • Corrected Apex robe bottom price check value.
  • Raptor's ring now has the correct stats.
  • Fixed Runecoiner's examine text.
  • Moderators can now use ::teletome
  • Staff can now restock shops from the staffzone.
  • Feathers & Living mineral stocks are now 100,000.
  • Rocktails fishing experience has been corrected.
  • Examine text on mining pets will now show the owners total mining experience.
  • Fishing outfit now has a "Wear" option.
  • Corrected Raptor's ring examine text.

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Woot summer event is here time to see what new rewards there are, do you plan on bringing back the summer outfit too from last year?

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