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Update #113 - Prestige Expansion

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2nd July 2019

Prestige Expansion:

For some time now, prestiging just hasn't had enough reward for the effort it takes, after various talks with players, veterans & staff, we have come up with various ideas that have now been put into the live games.

  • Prestige zone has been moved to a new location that feels more like a zone & a place you can chill & skill. The zone provides a +5% experience boost, this boost will also increase to match the donator zones as displayed below;
    V.I.P + 20% + 5%,
    Sponsor + 40% + 5%.


  • Prestige zone includes various trees, ores & other skilling facilities. It also includes an exclusive prestige donator store and an exclusive prestige runecoin store which offers upgrades to top tier items, these upgrades are untradeable as they're exclusive for prestiged players.


  • The research table has 6 new items to be researched via the prestige expansion!


  • Your drop rate cap will now per prestige rank. The amount it increases will depend on your experience mode, the increments are as follows;

    Easy +0.5% per rank,
    Average +1% per rank,
    Hard +1.5% per rank,
    Heroic +2% per rank.


  • You may also access a new prestige dungeon via the ladder at the prestige zone, this will take you into a cave with Corrupted Verac's, Karil's & Ahrim's and the Raptor.
  • The brothers all drop a different type of corruption which can be used to craft some new level 85 power armour which is used in the creation of the new level 92 armour. The brothers can drop a different pet each at 1/2000. You will need a total of 10,000 corruption to make the full armour set.

Media (Level 85 Armour):




The prestige zone also introduces a new boss.. the Raptor! This boss will test your skills & patiences as you slay him down for various exclusive rewards & perks. 

  • The Raptor is weak to melee, but should you choose to use this method, be aware that hit melee damage can hit up to 90% through your prayer!

The main objective for many will be to obtain the Raptor's seal, this seal can be used at the research table amougst other things to make level 92 hybrid armour, this armour does NOT degrade and is tradeable, but only those who have prestiged can wear it.

The Raptor has an excellent drop table and will surely reward players for their efforts. If you're lucky you can get a mini-raptor pet, but it won't be found too often as the rate is 1/5000.


Media (Level 92 armour):





  • Fixed a bug giving some donators an extra 5% drop rate that they shouldn't have.
  • Final boss title's now require the Raptor boss kills.
  • Removed a default interface line at the bottom of the pet claim interface.
  • Added Facebook referral code.
  • Glacey will now display killcount when examined.
  • Corrected the Hydrix trivia anagram.
  • Owner of hydrix trivia answer has changed.
  • Torva, Pernix & Virtus boots & gloves will now appear on the Grand Exchange.
  • The dialogue will no longer stay open when accessing the master slayer perk from the trimmed completionist cape.

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Oh hey, seems like some of my ideas have been put into this!!! Defo hopping in in a sec.... G fukin g

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Great way to revamp the system. Looks worthwhile and the armor is interesting. Pets are always a fan favorite and someone even suggested barrows pets, this is a good compromise from boring ass normal barrows. Nice!

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