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Update #111

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8th June 2019

World Event Information Interface:

A new interface that contains various information regarding events have been released. This will help players understand when world event bosses spawn, what events are active, when happy hour is etc...

Access it via the quest tab menu.





  • Killcount interface has been moved from the quest tab to ::killcounts & ::kc.
  • Noting scroll will now give the correct Dream log & Redwood logs.
  • Removed Server Information from the player profile.
  • Should an ironman kill a player in the wilderness, the loot is now deleted.
  • Fixed some pets not showing on initial pet interface click.
  • Dusty can now be purchased from the slayer store.
  • Zulrah's mutagens will now track on the collection log.

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All the interfaces lately are smoother than butter on toast, oof ❤️

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