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Bring back old home

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I for one hate the new home.. No offence to Connor and how much time he may have spent on it but... In my honest opinion its SH@!T.

I suggest we bring the old home back !
Connor you can make custom maps ye? just extend the old home, theres plennttyyy of room to expand, its surrounded by water! :classic_laugh:

If your excuse is that its too small for population

A) create a bobs island, all afk people go there to clear up home.
B) extend old home, where the pvm chests were, extend it out from there, can make it as big as you like. Make a 'town square' lol xD

Tbh the old home was waaayyy more easier to navigate and everything was so damn easy to find> If you're a new player you get lost in the new one. Hell I'm still damn lost in the new home!


PS - If you decide to to extend the old home and create a 'town sqaure' put in a funpk box :)

Thanks and chaio 😄



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You sir.... Get. -200. With 1 year if the previous home, I feel like it's time for a change. I like the idea of a new home every year tbh

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