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Update #110

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3rd June 2019



  • Ironman accounts can no longer use the red portal at clan wars. (Anyone involved in this will be told to remove any smuggled items, any failure todo so will result in a perm ban, we have logs, so don't be stupid).
  • Dragon knives now require 60 Ranged to use.
  • You can no longer obtain a Chaos rune from the calamity armour store.
  • Clue scrolls will no longer double during happy hour or double drops.
  • Cleaned up lootshare code.
  • Removed some system spam from the gem crafting script.
  • You can now cut an onyx into bolt tips.
  • Amulet of fury is now made by using a gold bar & onyx on a furnace.
  • Display drops will now pre calculate your drop amount and only output a type of drop per line, rather than using twice the amount of lines. (If this doesn't make sense then don't worry, it's a good thing :)).
  • Slayer pets now correctly update the pet interface once purchased. (If you have already purchased a pet and it isn't unlocked on the interface, then please message me with proof you own it and i will provide you the points to unlock it).
  • Dark Feast, Garg & Frosty pets are no longer drops and will be obtained in the same system as all other boss/mob pets. The rate to obtain them is 1/1000 and should you have already obtained the pet, you will need to reobtain it to unlock it via the pet interface. This also means that these pets can now be used with pet perks.
  • Updated discord !bosspets to just !pets.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to exchange too many 1m tickets, therefore causing them to lose alot of gp.

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