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Update #108

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24th May 2019

Titles Interface:

Another interface release...

It might be slightly boring for some of you, but getting rid of the constantly "next page" dialogues is very important.

Simple & tidy, the interface shows you how the titles looks and what is required. Clicking on the title will equip it if you have it unlocked, it will also tell you the requirements at the bottom of the interface.

With this update we have moved Titles to the quest tab interface.





  • Fixed a bug allowing players to prestige pass 10, those who passed 10 have now been rolled back to 10.
  • Friends list increased to 400 capacity.
  • Ring of Immense power required items interface has been corrected.
  • Raids title requirements have been corrected.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to use bonfire boost in duel arena.
  • Zenyte and Heavy ballista drop rate has been increased.
  • After defeating QBD, your hitpoints will now restore to max. (temp fix)
  • Nex now drops 375 Onyx bolts, as it should.
  • You can no longer use lootshare in the assassin waiting room.
  • Titles npc has been removed.
  • Ironman accounts can now sell to the store by thieving stalls.
  • Ironman accounts can no longer buy player sold stock.
  • Bind, Snare & Entangle can no longer produce infinite stun.
  • Bind, Snare & Entangle can no longer stun immune npc's.


Don't forget that our 1 year anniversary events begins at midnight! Double drops, giveaways, donation extras and more!

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