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Update #107

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21st May 2019

Research table:

I have updated the research table with a much cleaner interface, unique to itself. I worked hard on this interface to make it easier to read and use, whilst also keeping a nice design.

The interface works as simple as clicking the item you want to research and then clicking research.




Raids Titles:

Since OSRS raids are popular and used daily, i have made some achievement titles for those dedicated enough to obtain them.

Raids master: Unlocked by having completed 500 of each OSRS raid.

the Blood: Unlocked by completing 500 Theatre of Blood raids.

of the Chambers: Unlocked by completing 500 Chambers of Xeric raids.

Raider: Unlocked by achieving a combined total of 100 OSRS raids completed.



  • Moved research table 1 tile to the east.
  • Fixed Hazlemere signet ring drop rate %.
  • Chaotic longsword (i) inventory icon has been fixed.
  • Various yell colours have been updated to be more visable.
  • Gulega raid now tracks killcount.
  • Examining the Kourend sigil will no longer send you through the castle wall.
  • Completionist cape will now correctly check for quests completed.
  • Fixed a ZMI bug causing level 44 runecrafters unable to continue.
  • Some of Commander Zilyana's drops are now noted.
  • Calamity wait timer has been reduced to 3 minutes from 10 minutes.
  • Added ::spin10 command which will instantly spin 10 times on the Squeal of Fortune.

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Nice update my man!

Can't wait to check the new interface out 😛


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Amazing update, not sure how I missed it. Research table change is huge, and CLS (i) +1000 no more invis weps lol


Calamity and spins QOL 😄

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