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Update #106

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17th May 2019

Home area:

As we wish our beloved island farewell, we move into the Kourend castle & make it our new and improved home.

Everything with the exception of recycle centre has followed us and setup camp. You don't need to do anything, all the commands & respawns have been updated to the new home.

I understand some people don't like change, but sometimes change is needed for the better, try to enjoy it 🙂

The recycle centre will remain on the island and the island will now become the new ::chill area.


Donation event: 

For the next 12 hours, every $50 you donate will grant you a free Uber donator box! Remember you can also donate with OSRS & RS3 gold!



  • Referral added for youtube video.
  • Fixed a bunch of npcs who were not showing up on the mini map.
  • Loot beam settings can now be toggled via settings instead of the npc.
  • Added a "I buy everything" shop next to thieving. Ironman accounts can use this shop.
  • Tutorial has been updated to include more important content.
  • Staff of Sliske value has been updated.
  • Staff of Sliske can now been traded on the grand exchange.
  • Teleblock spell has been fixed.

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big +1 for some QOL, ill check out the new home as soon as I can!

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