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Update #105

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13th May 2019

Rue's altar (Quest):


50 Runecrafting.

Rue can be found at the Runecrafting abyss in stress, due to her Altar having no power. She will require help from you, so get started by talking to her.

The quest will not involve any combat & is safe for skillers, completing this quest will provide the rewards stated below;

- Access to ZMI altar which grants double experience.
- 2500 Runecraft experience (this will scale to your xp mode).



  • ZMI altar added.
  • Aura's can no longer be used in the duel arena.
  • Basket of eggs removed from donator store.
  • Anivia's adamant bar drops are now noted.
  • Fixed a bug causing Wooden shield (g) to turn into a regular shield.
  • Sheaf shark consume limit has been increased to 100 per day.
  • Auras will now work correctly in the wilderness.
  • Fixed a bug causing wyvern bones to drop as granite legs.
  • Scorpia will now reward spring tokens when the event is active.
  • Magma & Tanzanite helms are now immune to poison and also inflict poison.
  • Adept prayer drain has been reduced by half.
  • Ironman accounts can now use ::spin.
  • Skilling outfits have been reduced to 250 runecoins each. 
  • Ancient robe legs have been added to clue scrolls.
  • Runecrafting animation delay has been reduced.
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