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Update #104 - Clue Rewards!

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9th May 2019

Clue Scrolls:

For a while now the loot in clue scrolls have heavily relied on obtaining a dye or it's pretty much junk and not even fun, but OSRS have some fantastic clue rewards & we've added almost all of the new OSRS clue scroll rewards.

Ornament kits now work correctly and are 100% supported.

The following rewards have been added;

  • Dragon simitar ornament kit,
  • Dragon boots ornament kit, 
  • Armadyl godsword ornament kit,
  • Bandos godsword ornament kit,
  • Zamorak godsword ornament kit,
  • Saradomin godsword ornament kit,
  • Rune defender ornament kit,
  • Bear feet,
  • Mole slippers,
  • Frog slippers,
  • Demon feet,
  • Soulder parrot,
  • Rain bow,
  • Wooden shield (g),
  • Dual sai,
  • Giant boot.

More rewards will be added in a second batch, enjoy 🙂



  • OSRS data has been updated to latest release.
  • Hiscores are now based on prestige level before xp. (Website update will go live this evening),
  • Idol models have been updated.
  • Dark beasts now have animations and have a maximum hit of 170.
  • Assassin teleport will now put you in a blocked off area before proceeding to the boss.
  • Ironman accounts can now use the Squeal of Fortune.
  • An interface will now promt staff when a ;;ticket is requested.
  • You can now note dream logs.
  • Clue scrolls will now announce more rare rewards.
  • Rare clue scroll rewards now announce to discord.

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