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Update #103

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6th May 2019



Zulrah was our first OSRS boss and even though it's been here for nearly a year, it's never had a pet, until now! Zulrah will drop the pet at a chance of 1/400 or 1/300 with the pet hunter perk.

Serpentine helm can now be dyed with Magma or Tanzanite to give a cosmetic overhaul. The dyes are not tradeable and neither are the dyed helmets so only those who get the drop can show off the achievement.




  • Kraken now drops a pet at 1/1,000 chance.
  • Added a failsafe to bank presets. If your inventory/gear fails to deposit due to a full bank then the preset will no longer overwrite your gear.
  • Added new referral for this evenings stream.
  • Fixed a bug preventing double drops whilst lootshare is active.
  • PvP restricted items can now be used against npc's in the wilderness.
  • Bad santa pet drop rate is now 1/3,000.
  • Boss killcounts will now announce milestones up to 10,000 kills.
  • Trivia answers now track your total correctly.

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