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Update #101

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27th April 2019


GwD (i):

Introducing the latest edition to the armour collection...

Bandos (i), Armadyl (i) & Subjugation (i) are obtained by using a GwD armour upgrade kit on them, the kit is obtained from dungeoneering for 250,000 tokens.

This upgrade will give the armours an offensive stat boost & also give them a very cool upgraded look as seen below...





  • You can no longer use <img=> in ::yell.
  • Removed incorrect spawns from Lumbridge.
  • Super prayer potions have been fixed.
  • Optimised referral logging system.
  • Fixed Ancient slayer helmet stats.
  • Fixed some bugs causing console spam.
  • Virtus robe legs price check value has been corrected.
  • Slayer points pet perks have been fixed.
  • You're now 50% more likely to hit the Rare drop table.
  • Golden pirate hat rate is now 1/1000 compared to 1/5000 it was previously.
  • Bad santa now counts towards total boss kills.
  • The chance to obtain a totem drop in the Catacombs has been increased.
  • Fixed a bug causing some monsters to not drop dark totem tops.
  • Callisto & Scorpia pets now display total killcount on examine.

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Great update as usual, can't wait to finish off my ancient slayer helms and see some newer players in these armours 🙂

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