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Update #100

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23rd April 2019


To celebrate reaching 100 updates, double drops will be active ALL DAY! 


Dungeoneering rework:

For some time now players have complained about the dungeoneering being RNG based and although we have released perks & books to help increase these odds, it is still putting off new players, so we have made the following changes;

  • Dungeoneering no longer has any RNG based methods, all methods are now instant.
  • You will no longer take damage when searching Berry.
  • Dungeoneering perk now rewards double tokens.

Trimmed Completionist Cape:

Despite the fact the cape is the best in-game, many players think the effort to obtain the cape vs the benefits just simply isn't worth it, so we have made the following changes;

  • The cape can now act as any of the master capes, providing you have the requirements to wear the master cape.
  • The cape now has an option called Master Cape Perks, this is for master capes that have an inventory perk such as teleporting, or claiming items.
  • The cape now has a 2% Magic damage.



  • Added new referral codes for some new youtubers, will be activated upon videos.
  • Lucky zamorak godsword special attack has been fixed.
  • Killcount milestones now also occur at 1500, 2000 & 2500.
  • Uber donator boxes are now on store for 42,000 tokens.
  • Pet mystery boxes no longer give pets, just perks.
  • Renamed pet mystery box to pet perk mystery box.
  • Expensive store has been removed.
  • Trivia store has been added.
  • Easter event removed.

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