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Update #99

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20th April 2019


Referral System:

New players can now claim rewards if they come from a toplist that offers rewards. When joining they will be promt with an option to type in the name of the toplist or youtuber they was referred by and if it's one of our sites that we support then they will be given rewards. 

If you're trying to claim a referral after the starter dialogue, then simply type ;;referral or ;;refer to promt the dialogue.

Toplists are exclusively for new players only, existing players will not be able to claim a toplist referral unless they're still very new.

All players can claim youtuber referrals, these will be unique codes given to Youtubers to share to the viewers so they can claim in-game.

Referral's are device bound so if you share a computer, only one person can ever claim the reward, so best be quick :).


I understand that this is a very small update than usual, but it was of great importance that i added it sooner rather than later.

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