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Update #98 - Trivia!

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19th April 2019



Trivia will randomly generate a question for players to answer, if you get it correct you will be rewarded with trivia points which can be used to purchase various goods from the trivia store.

When a question pops up in the chat simple type ::answer ANSWERHERE and it will tell you if your answer is correct or not.

Rewards included;

- Leprechaun hat (Cosmetic).
- Cabbage round shield (Level 30 stats).
- Eek the Spider (Cosmetic).
- 110% food healing [perk].
- Briefcase (Cosmetic).
- Heavy Casket (Cosmetic).
- Small xp lamp.




  • Added scoreboard to home which can access all of the non-skill highscores.
  • Added a new scoreboard for total boss kills.
  • Various items from the event tokens store have been moved to the Trivia store.
  • Runecoiner will now calculate the quantity of your drop correctly.
  • Defender of Hydrix title has been given a white trim.
  • Prayer renewal potion now benefits from One True Potion perk.
  • Celestia, Defender of Sliske & Sunfreet now respawn every 30 seconds.
  • Noxious scythe special attack can no longer be used on the max hit dummy.

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