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Update #97

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15th April 2019


Easter Sale:

Until Easter the donation store has a 25% off sale.

You can visit the store by clicking here

Safe Alchemy:

Due to a string of people over a period of time accidently alching items they don't want to, i have introduced safe alchemy.

This is active by default and won't allow you to alch anything over the value of 5 million, should you turn this off and accidently alch something you will no longer get a refund since you disabled the protection.



  • Pet Blue, Green, Black & Red dragons have had a graphical update.
  • Barrows daily money maker now shows the correct reward.
  • Fixed 5% pet combo perk with Melee & Ranged.
  • Magic damage is now tracked correctly in raids.
  • Scorpia now counts towards total boss kills.
  • God bows can now also fire arrows up to Rune.
  • Loot bag will now drop its contents in the same way it was deposited in terms of noted or not.
  • Slayer mystery boxes can now reward up to 5 Ancient shards.

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