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Update #96

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12th April 2019



The following potions can now be purchased at Donator zone 2 from the black market seller;

  • Overkill (150k each),
  • Overloaded (100k each),
  • Overpray (100k each),
  • Super Saradomin Brew (20k each).

If you purchase the potion & do not have the requirements to make the regular potion, you will not be able to consume it.



  • Rune essence stock in the runecrafting store has been increased.
  • Merk's starter package is now a referral starter pack.
  • Completed a players mini-me.
  • Easter bunny Jr now displays Angry easter bunny killcount.
  • Fixed a bug allowing bows to be strung without a bow string.
  • Fixed a bug allowing darts & tips to be made without a secondary.
  • 5% hit combo pet perk now works with magic.
  • Weekly override has been updated.
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