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Welcome To Sanctuary!

Please read the rules section below, any rules that are broken, after a First warning, will result in immediate ban from the clan. Further attempts/appeals to rejoin will be discussed with the Clan-Staff team.

What is Sanctuary? We are a clan focused on creating a safe haven for all Players: Skillers, PVM'ers, and PK'ers, and Merchers, and Pures alike. To be able to create friends, and always have a place to go, when you just need friends to talk to. Playing with friends makes for a more enjoyable experience!

What are the requirements in order to join? : None! Just request an invitation from one of the Clan-Staff. We do ask however, that 1 account per person be added. (Main preferred). (If you need to change which account is added, message one of the members of the Clan Staff Team.)

What are the requirements in order to stay? : The only things we ask, is for you to be respectful (playful banter is allowed of course 😉 ), be active, and if you are going to be inactive for more then 7 days let one of the Clan-Staff know. (Failure to let one of the Clan-Staff members know will result in you being removed from the clan, and you will have to request to be added again!), This helps to avoid clutter in the clan, and if you ever decide to move on from Sanctuary, it allows new players to join as well 🙂



Owner: Happy Slaps

Co-owner: Torv

Administrators: Breh

(The Clan-Staff List will be updated when/if changes to Clan-Staff are made)



(Rules Will be Updated per discussion with the Clan-Staff Team)


  1. Be Respectful! It's called Sanctuary for a reason. We want this to be a hate-free place for people to relax, and just have fun!
  2. As per listed above, please only add your main account, to allow other players a chance to enter Sanctuary 🙂


Warnings / Punishments :

General Offenses:

First Offense = Warning
                                            Second Offense = Temp ban from Clan for 1 Day
                                Third Offense = Permanent Ban from Clan


(Note: Offenses and Punishments will be handled on a case-by-case basis!)
(All Punishments and offenses will be discussed with the Clan-Staff Team to ensure fairness and to eliminate favouritism)

(This place is meant to be a fun, friendly place for players to come together, and help the community grow!)


Thanks for taking the time to read this! We hope to see you in Sanctuary!

(Any further questions please message one of the Clan-Staff members in game!)




Edited by Happy Slaps
* Risq removed from Clan*

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If you want a chill and safe place to skill, pvm, or just talk then I strongly recommend to join Sanctuary!

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