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Update #95

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9th April 2019


Angry Easter Bunny:

Under the depths of earth is the Easter Bunnies brother. Some may say he is the failed Easter Bunny, but he is full of anger and hates humans. 

He has stolen many items from the Easter Bunny that you can recover by killing him.

The boss is a fairly simple wacky boss for a bit of fun. He uses all styles & is a great boss to practice your prayer switching on, he also has a special attack that can be devastating if you don't move out of the way.


  • the Bunny Killer title,
  • Easter Carrot,
  • Easter Egg,
  • Rubber Chicken,
  • Squirrel Ears,
  • Eggsterminator Override Token,
  • Egg on Face Mask,
  • Chocolate Egg on Face Mask.



  • Corrected Basket of Eggs token value.
  • All Basket of Eggs have been removed from the game.
  • Vet'ion now counts towards total boss kills.
  • You can now drink Extreme potions & Overloads in the wilderness.
  • Loot bag contents will now drop 1 tile away from your death spot.
  • Added blood altar to donator zone 5.
  • Added 1000 x Soul rune pack to magic store.
  • Easter bunny list typo's have been corrected.
  • Fixed a bug with a players override top.

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