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Update #92 - Spring

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20th March 2018


Spring Event:

As Winter finally leaves, the beautiful Spring arrives and not only does that means the plants will grow, but also will your banks should you strike some luck on the Spring event!

As with all season events, the basis of it is simple. An activity will be active for a period of time & if you participate in this event you will earn tokens, the activities are listed below;

  1. Jad: 100 tokens per kill.
  2. Donating & Voting: $1:300 - 1 vote: 50.
  3. Slayer Survival: 450 tokens per completed run.
  4. Recycle Centre: 1 runecoin gives 1 token.
  5. Clue Scrolls: 50 tokens per opening.
  6. Slayer: 150 tokens per task.
  7. Theatre of Blood: 300 tokens per completed run.
  8. Calamity: When you finish the amount of tokens you will gain is the wave you're on x 33. You must have passed wave 10 to gain any tokens.
  9. Temple of Light: 10 tokens per pillar.
  10. Barrows: 75 tokens per chest opening.
  11. Wilderness Bosses: Wildywyrm, Aquatic wyrm, Sunfreet, Sliske, Sirenic the Spider, Callisto, Venenatis, Chaos Fanatic, Crazy Archaeologist & Vet'ion will grant between 20-50 tokens per kill.

Rare Rewards:

  • Ringmaster override token.
  • Seal pup pet.
  • Raccoon baby pet.
  • Runecoiner: Automatically converts drops into Runecoins, this can be configured.
  • Bonecrusher upgrade: Use this on a Bonecrusher to make a Bonecrusher (i) which can be toggled to either crush bones or note them.
  • Noting scroll: 20% chance resource will be noted when Woodcutting, Mining or Fishing.
  • Slaughter scroll: 10% chance your kill won't count towards your task.
  • 3 x Deathtouched darts.
  • 3 x Mystery chests.
  • 100 x 1M tickets.
  • 50 x 1m tickets.
  • 25 x Squeal of Fortune spins.
  • All previous scrolls can now be obtained more often than last season.



  • Assassin override is now on Weekly override.
  • Insane final boss title will now show as "Insane final boss".
  • Added Fpk Merk loot box for Friday's stream.
  • Connor's cap can now be found in either style shop in Calamity.
  • Fixed a bug allowing non-donators to access sponsor store.
  • Higher level monsters now drop totem parts more often in Catacombs of Kourend.
  • Sunfreet will no longer perform the air attack below 3,000 hitpoints.
  • Kalphite Gaurdians silver ore drop is now noted.
  • Mining sheaf essence is now 300% faster.
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Posted (edited)

First 😄 ❤️

Also great update! looking forward to calamity until wave 58, but we'll see!

Edited by Happy Slaps

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Woot new event and I see my title got its update 1+ for me.


Ps I like how you keep mixing up the events that give tokens

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