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1 Year of Being Staff Celebration Event

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The next weekend I (Raphael) will be hitting the 1 year mark of being staff ^^
I thought this was a nice milestone and I wanted to share this with the community !

This being said, from the 15th to 18th of February I will be hosting tons of events (with the help of the staff team) !

Main Event:

There will be a PVP tournament held in dual arena with prizes to win !
You will have to create an IRONMEN account and try your best to get the best gear as possible to be the best in the tournament.
There will be a limited time to build your account. You will need to have a Tag in your name to enter the tournament.
Example: "Tag Raphael". The tag will be revealed once the event starts to stop cheaters from starting before others.


Here's what you need to know;


  • This event will start the 15th (Friday) of february at 00:00 Server (UK) Time.
  • You will ONLY be able to create your account once the event is started.
  • The Tag to put before your username will be revealed at the start of the event (15th 00:00 Server (UK) Time).
  • You can chose whatever xp mode you wish to have. Who knows which is the best xp mode to get, you will need to figure this out on your own.
  • The Tournament will be hosted by Raphael and will begin the 17th (Sunday) of February at 8pm Server (UK) Time.


Here are the Rules;


  1. You must NOT create your tournament account before the event has started.
  2. You can only have ONE tournament account.
  3. You MUST be an ironmen.
  4. You MUST have the Tag in your username to participate.
  5. Your tournament account must NOT be helped by your main account or other accounts of your own in any way or form.
  6. You can NOT donate on your tournament account.
  7. For the tournament to be held, there needs to be at least 6 accounts participating.
  8. Once the tournament starts, you MUST follow Raphael's organization. This means, you can only fight your opponent once he said you can and etc.
  9. If there is a draw (die at the same time), the fight will be reset.
  10. You will be able to bring whatever you want in the fight.
  11. You can't fight with obstacles, it must be a clear area. Else the fight will simply be reset.
  12. You can ask for a fight reset ONLY ONCE during the entire tournament (Example you are lagging pretty bad). The reset MUST be asked before one of you dies.
  13. Of course you also need to follow all the regular rules of hydrix-ps.

If you do not follow these rules, this can result in disqualification.


First place: Seren Stone + Random Partyhat Box
Second place: 3 Blood Dyes + Random Santa hat Box
Third place: 2 Blood Dyes


Other Events:

Everyone who will participate to the pvp tournament will receive 3 deathtouched darts on their main account !

Throughout the entire weekend (15th to 18th) there will be tons of other smaller events, so look forward to it 🙂
Double hits, double raid caskets, giveaways, etc.


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If you are gonna enter the tournament, please either say it under this thread or tell me in my pms on discord or in-game when the event starts so I can know who will participate !

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Going to be dead from working and shit but definitely participating to see Devan win.

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I can only really play on Sunday but I will try to participate, sounds fun

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